Blindness and Deaf

Some people get confused  between Brail and sign language. These are two separate things, actually they are two completely different sets of language.

That is like saying English and Spanish are the exact same thing. Or that is like saying if your deaf you can read lips. Not everyone deaf person can read your lips.

Brail is a language that is used for people that are blind. Think about it like this, if they can not see how are they going to get around. The way they can read is through Brail will help them be able to read with the use of their fingers.

They have a set language with dots and the dots signify a specific thing. Every dot is read like a letter or a word and depending upon the placement will read something.

So they will move their fingers around the dots and then they can understand that it is being said. Deaf people do not have this problem as they can see perfectly. They just can’t hear anything out of their ears. They can talk perfect but they refuse to because if they can not hear what they are saying they do not want to talk.

Use this information wisely as next time do not say things without understanding fully what they are.

There has been so many instances where people think Brail and sign language are both used for deaf people.

That is one thing to make deaf people made is by using that phrase.

If you do not understand their culture or even care to learn about it, this can be insulting to them.

Remember if you want to talk to a deaf person you can always communicate with them in other means rather than talking. Get a piece of paper and a pencil and simply write out what you want to tell them.

They will usually write you something back on the paper and you can communicate like that.

This way is much easier then learning the alphabet. With someone who is blind you can easily communicate with these type of people by using your mouth and talking to them because remember these people are not deaf. Only sign language is for deaf people!



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