Deaf Culture

The deaf  culture is a very defined culture. Although they have many alternatives to go to, they refuse to. Simply because they would rather keep their deafness and enjoy their current culture. They would rather be deaf then go through a operation or a hearing aid.

As I heard this, this intrigued me because we as society view it as a bad thing. While the deaf community views it as a good thing, they have a whole community that is just all deaf. They had their own language that is mostly universal except for a few things. Most of it you can learn and use anywhere in the world though. American sign language is used anywhere. All you need to do is learn the alphabet in sign language and you can talk to any of them. Although it may be slow it will convey the message across.  Remember  just because one is deaf does no mean they want to be able to it, maybe they love not being able to hear, who wants to have an hour long conversation with your neighbor as your leaving anyway.

Most of them have meeting spots where they meet once a week and sign to each other. Even though they have no hearing they can still talk just most of them choose not to. The reason for this is because they do not understand how they sound so they would rather not talk. Most people laugh at when they talk and they see this and decide not to talk. Not all people who do sign language and read your lips, although it is a nice skill to have many are not able to attain this skill. So think again by just talking they will be able to understand what you are fully saying. ASL is currently the best website you can use to pick up sign language. It has great pictures that you can easily use to learn everything about sign language. You can even read into the culture and the history if you wanted to. The site is huge with a lot of information going in and out of it.  Make sure to make use of it and sign up for his classes that he offers, he is a great teacher and he also teaches at his local university.


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